Why we need Julian Huppert to be elected as an MP ...for the sake of cycling

How to help ensure that cycling has a voice in parliament after June 2017

There is no doubt that more provision has been made for cycling during the last few years than ever before. This is not due to the nature of the government itself - it's been down to relentless campaigning by cycling groups, and coincidentally having some true advocates of cycling in parliament to begin to push through the issues.

At the forefront of this parliamentary representation from 2010 to 2015 was Cambridge MP Julian Huppert, who in January 2015 was at the forefront of getting cycling and walking included in the Government's Infrastructure Bill. This has been described as a 'turning point' for active travel in the UK.

But the work to promote cycling is only just beginning - and it could all stop if there were no cycling enthusiasts in the next parliament. That's why it's critical to cyclists all over the country that Cambridge elects Julian Huppert.

Video by Chris Boardman, made in support of Julian's 2015 re-election campaign:

The government's commitment to create a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy follows on from investments in cycling around England, which CTC: The National Cycling Charity called a “tiny step” in the right direction. And while the government’s Cycling Delivery Plan (GDP), aims to increase the number of journeys made by bike to 5% by 2050, Get Britain Cycling thinks it could be 25%. This could be worth an astonishing £248 billion to the economy, but progress is going to be down to a handful of individuals.

As co-chair of the all party parliamentary cycling group, Julian Huppert worked tirelessly to support cycling. Alarmingly, there are a number of individuals standing for election who are openly against cycling. We may need Julian's presence in parliament more than ever.

So is there anything we can all do to help?

Yes, there is, whether you're an individual or an organisation, and whether you're in Cambridge or not. Most important of all is encouraging people to vote for Julian Huppert. Even if you're not in Cambridge, you may know people who are. Remind them that despite what the media would have us believe, we're not voting for the next prime minister, we're voting for our local MP. The importance of supporting cycling won't need any explanation, but not everyone realises the importance of Julian Huppert's election to cycling.

If you'd really like to help, you could do this with a few hours of your time or with a donation; there's more information at Julian Huppert's website.

Email friends and colleagues a link to this page, or tweet a link to it. Share this page on Facebook. Or link to some of the articles below. You could even blog about the subject. This transcends party politics and is about the future of cycling in the UK. Every message and every conversation helps - yours as much as anyone's.

Things you can do:

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Julian Huppert won an award from Brake, the road safety charity, for his work in parliament promoting cycle safety. Julie Townsend, campaigns director, said: "Julian has shown dedication to cyclist safety and thoroughly deserves this recognition".