About Independents For Julian

Chris Rand writes:

I'm just an ordinary Cambridge resident and an independently-minded voter. I think the party system of politics no longer serves the people well, and I have never found any party especially appealing. In my lifetime, I've voted for candidates from all of the major parties, some minor ones, and on one occasion, a local single interest group - always with the aim of electing the most inspiring individual standing. That's what I believe elections should be about.

Julian Huppert is one such politician, who I voted for in the past, and who lived up to my expectations as an MP. Not content with just representing Cambridge's interests, he rose to the challenge of being one of the few MPs wanting to stand up for subjects as diverse as cycling, science, technology and the pub trade. The Times agreed, describing him as "what a true parliamentarian should aspire to be".

What I've tried to do here is to demonstrate to any undecided Cambridge voters that re-electing Julian Huppert should transcend party politics. If you're a voter in Cambridge and you're interested in any of the issues highlighted here, I hope this website will remind you of what's at stake. If you're not in Cambridge, there are still things which you can do - and you might well want to. Take a look around.

Chris Rand
Cambridge, May 2017
Email: chris@chrisrand.com
Twitter: @ChrisRandWrites

This website is completely independent and has not received any input from Dr. Julian Huppert or his party.